Córdoba Floor

At a Gramercy Park duplex apartment YVStudio stenciled two floors. In each area the wooden surface background played a prominent role in the design. The foyer features a two-color creation inspired by a Córdoba floor, while the kitchen received a diagonal checkerboard pattern. Both painted surfaces received a transparent brown glaze to soften the effect and … Continue reading Córdoba Floor

Sutton Place Glazing

At this floor-through apartment near Sutton Place, NYC, YVStudio custom-mixed a glaze color to match the Palmyra wallpaper by De Gournay in the dining room, and the fireplace mantle in the Master Bedroom. After various samples were created, its perfect equivalent in oil glaze was painstakingly produced, and applied to the walls. The result was … Continue reading Sutton Place Glazing

Tribeca Striae

Striae painting is a technique that gives your walls, or woodwork a striped appearance. You achieve this look by dragging a dry brush through a glaze mixture that was applied over a base color. You work your way around the room applying your striae finish and slightly overlap adjacent sections to provide a seamless appearance. … Continue reading Tribeca Striae

Shared Sacred Sites at the NYPL

For more than 100 years, The New York Public Library has collected thousands of religious books and manuscripts in order to preserve and make accessible the rich history of world religions, including the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Drawn from divisions across the Library’s research collections, the objects on display represent centuries of … Continue reading Shared Sacred Sites at the NYPL

Mikvah Mural Magic

The Chelsea Community Mikvah, "A Spa For The Soul", had a stunning spa interior, but the staircase leading to the lower level was plain white and boring. First I applied plaster with a special trowel from Marmorino Products. I created a surface texture reminiscent of a wave.             That wall … Continue reading Mikvah Mural Magic

Medallions on Park Avenue

Earlier this Summer I was invited to do a decorative painting project at an Upper East Side Park Avenue residential lobby. The client asked me to work on 2 items. First I created a faux metal black decorative grille to match an existing iron grille above the entrance door. The lobby is quite large, and the second half … Continue reading Medallions on Park Avenue

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all the very best for the new year! Left image: Traditional style home in Tuxedo, NY, where I applied yellow and green glaze to the walls and woodwork, with accents of gold leaf. Right image: Contemporary lobby in a luxury condominium in Manhattan, where I applied Venetian Plaster to some of its walls. … Continue reading Happy Holidays

Victoria’s Secret Lounge Floor Painting

Set designer / decorator Lynn Nigro asked me to do a scenic paint job for her client Victoria's Secret. 2,000 Square feet of plain pine planks had to be transformed into a warm brown floor that looked aged. At Lynn's studio I custom mixed a stain color and painted the planks individually, one at a … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Lounge Floor Painting