Medallions on Park Avenue

Earlier this Summer I was invited to do a decorative painting project at an Upper East Side Park Avenue residential lobby.

yvstudio_888park1aThe client asked me to work on 2 items. First I created a faux metal black decorative grille to match an existing iron grille above the entrance door.

The lobby is quite large, and the second half of the project consisted of giving a subtle color wash to 12 medallions in this space. 


I made a custom sample for these, but once the approved color was applied to the actual medallions, it was decided that these should be more vivid. 


This being a conservative and understated building, I kept the treatment rather light and subtle. There was one more revision after that; the golden tone needed to be pumped up. In the end members of the building committee and designer Judy Dunne were very pleased with the results.












Published by Yvonne Verwer

Yvonne Verwer at YVStudio LLC has done high-quality decorative and murals and decorative finishes for over 20 years in many of New York's finest homes and businesses. Her work has been shown at The French Designer Show House, and The Hudson River Show House. She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Avenue Magazine, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

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