Medallions on Park Avenue

Earlier this Summer I was invited to do a decorative painting project at an Upper East Side Park Avenue residential lobby.

yvstudio_888park1aThe client asked me to work on 2 items. First I created a faux metal black decorative grille to match an existing iron grille above the entrance door.

The lobby is quite large, and the second half of the project consisted of giving a subtle color wash to 12 medallions in this space. 


I made a custom sample for these, but once the approved color was applied to the actual medallions, it was decided that these should be more vivid. 


This being a conservative and understated building, I kept the treatment rather light and subtle. There was one more revision after that; the golden tone needed to be pumped up. In the end members of the building committee and designer Judy Dunne were very pleased with the results.