Oasis Mural

For the soon to open Oasis Adult Day Center, a state-of-the-art adult day care facility in Brooklyn, YVStudio painted an oasis mural in it’s foyer. In the center is the company’s logo, painted to look like it is part of the dunes.  

Highbourne Cay Heaven

HIGHBOURNE CAY, a beautiful 250 acre private island in The Exumas, is where Rod Winterrowd designed 6 cottages. YVStudio was commissioned to paint 6 mural canvasses, 1 for each cottage, inspired by the Exumas, an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, southeast of Nassau, the Bahamas. Each room has its own unique scheme, but Winterrowd alsoContinue reading “Highbourne Cay Heaven”

Mikvah Mural Magic

The Chelsea Community Mikvah, “A Spa For The Soul”, had a stunning spa interior, but the staircase leading to the lower level was plain white and boring. First I applied plaster with a special trowel from Marmorino Products. I created a surface texture reminiscent of a wave.             That wallContinue reading “Mikvah Mural Magic”

Linda Horn’s Arches Murals

Several years ago I painted two large trompe l’oeil “arches” murals for Linda Horn Antiques at her new location in Carnegie Hill, on Madison Avenue and 93rd Street. She recently redesigned her store, and wrote “the murals still look fabulous”. I designed these wall works to complement the store’s Moroccan arches with pilasters in river-washed stone.Continue reading “Linda Horn’s Arches Murals”