Victoria’s Secret Lounge Floor Painting

Set designer / decorator Lynn Nigro asked me to do a scenic paint job for her client Victoria’s Secret.

2,000 Square feet of plain pine planks had to be transformed into a warm brown floor that looked aged. At Lynn’s studio I custom mixed a stain color and painted the planks individually, one at a time, assisted by several other painters.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge

Transported to Gary’s Loft in midtown Manhattan, 500 individual planks were laid down to form a floor.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge2

I added some extra effects to make sure the floor achieved its aged & distressed look.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge4

Furniture for the shoot was brought in.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge6

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge8

Drapes were being installed.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge9

Lynn’s crew brought in more furniture, while I took care of some touch-ups.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge10

The set is being dressed. Lynn Nigro is on the left.

Yvonne_Verwer_VS Lounge14

When the film crew and the Victoria Secret people came in the next day, they actually applauded when they saw the floor!

Soon to be seen in a VS video or catalog…..


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Yvonne Verwer at YVStudio LLC has done high-quality decorative and murals and decorative finishes for over 20 years in many of New York's finest homes and businesses. Her work has been shown at The French Designer Show House, and The Hudson River Show House. She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Avenue Magazine, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

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