Mikvah Mural Magic

The Chelsea Community Mikvah, “A Spa For The Soul”, had a stunning spa interior, but the staircase leading to the lower level was plain white and boring.

First I applied plaster with a special trowel from Marmorino Products. I created a surface texture reminiscent of a wave.

Staircase before
Wave in Plaster







That wall received several transparent coats of a blue that matches the painted logo on the adjacent wall. The color was applied with an ombre effect: the pigments gradate from medium dark at the bottom to very light at the top, blending with the white background. The painted texture remains transparent and painterly, evoking the beauty of the waters awaiting you downstairs.

– Chelsea Community Mikvah: blue wave wall and painted logo.

The logo wall features a quotation by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Continuing the water theme, the text appears in a wavy manner as well.

– Logo and text

A mikvah is a spiritual, ritual bath, designed to custom specifications, that brides and married Jewish women immerse in. According to Jewish tradition water symbolizes life, purity, and the abundance of G-dly blessings. The waters in the Mikvah contain Mayim Chayim, or living waters. This is gathered rainwater direct from the source that is filtered, purified and chlorinated to the highest standard.