Hamilton Theatre Event

The 4x8 Workshop hired YVStudio to do decorative painting at the historic Hamilton Theatre in Harlem, NYC.   Production designer Jonathon Beck created an event for APPARATUS, a New York based design studio for lighting, furniture and objects. YVStudio painted a wall section, to match the surrounding walls, that would function as a hidden door. Halfway … Continue reading Hamilton Theatre Event

Easter Egg Hunt

Rockefeller Center is hosting an Easter event on April 21, 2019. YVStudio was commissioned by The 4x8 Workshop to paint 7 foot high sandwich boards for the egg hunt event. Some of the Easter activities at Rockefeller Center: The Easter Parade is a promenade of festive folks walking up Fifth Avenue, a tradition that's over … Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt

Full Moon Fest

YVStudio was hired by Marc Barold of Strangeways to paint the centerpiece for the legendary Full Moon Fest. In its 8th year, Full Moon is one of  New York's largest independent festivals, celebrating music, art, leisure, and NYC's "restless spirit."  It is inspired by the epic Full Moon Party that goes down in Thailand every year. … Continue reading Full Moon Fest

Flatiron Flair

The client and her family recently moved into the Flatiron area of Manhattan. Their apartment was your basic boring white box, with no distinguishing architectural features. How to liven up the space? Solution: paint the accent wall as if it is a large abstract artwork. The colors were custom-mixed in accordance with their fabrics and … Continue reading Flatiron Flair

Victoria’s Secret brick wall with logos

During a NYC heatwave, on a 95 degree day, I painted a backdrop for Victoria's Secret. Who said the fashion world is glamorous? The temperature inside the set shop where I was painting was literally as high as it was outside. My first step in this project was painting and "aging" the brick wall. The … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret brick wall with logos