Grey Glaze Walls

At a traditional Park Avenue apartment in NYC I executed a classic grey glazing technique in the dining room. The walls received a stippling gaze and the woodwork a soft striae.

The previous look was dark green, and a bit dated. The new grey finish still works very well with the dark antique furniture, but it gives the room a more contemporary feeling.

To get this particular result I made a record amount of color samples, ranging from all kinds techniques to many shades of grey, to variations in green and even eggplant. The client is a creative herself and has a very discerning eye.  


Vevo’s 10-Year Anniversary Party

VEVO, the world’s leading video and music platform, celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a special live event in New York City this month. Five sets, representing their popular videos, were recreated; videos were projected on these at the party.

YVStudio was hired by The 4×8 Workshop and Lauren Nikrooz to paint two of the sets: Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

Despacito set installed

Along with Pompei Studios, we faux-painted crumbling walls for Vevo’s most-watched music video, Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”. This video featuring Daddy Yankee has been viewed 6.4 billion times since its release in early 2017.

Wall for Luis Fonsi set, painted at The 4×8 Workshop.
Install-in-progress at the Vevo party.

The other set was faux-painting concrete block walls for Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video.

Miley Cyrus set at Vevo’s 10-year anniversary party. The walls YVStudio painted are on the sides, in the shadow.
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Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

YVStudio created a painting for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Rex Orange County recently made an appearance to perform his latest single ’10/10′ from his new album “Pony”.

YVStudio was commissioned by set design firm Nikrooz Studio to make a seascape (rear wall on the set) on top of which the Pony logo, as seen on his sweatshirt, was painted in special UV paint. Invisible in daylight, the logo would show up only when the stage was briefly lit in blacklight. 

The ’Pony’ album will be released on 25th October, 2019.


Matte multi-color Venetian Plaster

My client requested a matte finish, multi-colored Venetian Plaster instead of the usual shiny and monochrome surface associated with this technique.

The result was an ethereal-looking surface with very subtle color combinations, almost looking like a beautiful water color.

The floors were finished in a satin poly-urethane which provided the perfect compliment to the wall areas.

The extra bonus was that the apartment was huge and uncluttered, with stunning 22nd floor balcony views over lower Manhattan.

Cabinets in Venetian Plaster

The view from the balcony

Silver leaf elevator door

At a magnificent art deco building near Manhattan’s Metropolitan Museum YVStudio gilded a residence’s elevator entrance, the door and the panel above.

This penthouse apartment project was executed in silver leaf, keeping with the silvery elements on the building’s facade and the gilded lobby ceiling.

After applying the silver leaf in a perfect grid, the surfaces received a acrylic poly-urethane for durability.

A slightly bluish-white transparent glaze coat was applied, for an enhanced elegant look.

Art deco building facade with silver window details

Detail of the silver leaf grid


Oasis Mural

For the soon to open Oasis Adult Day Center, a state-of-the-art adult day care facility in Brooklyn, YVStudio painted an oasis mural in it’s foyer.

In the center is the company’s logo, painted to look like it is part of the dunes.

Detail: palm and reeds

Detail: prickly pear cactus, also known as nopal, opuntia and other names. (This unusual succulent is used by some to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers).

Detail: agave plant.



Woolworth’s Empire Room

The Woolworth Building, which towers 60 stories and 792 feet above Broadway between Park Place and Barclay Street in downtown Manhattan, was the tallest building in the world when it was completed, in 1913. Financed by Frank W. Woolworth and designed by architect Cass Gilbert, the building won widespread acclaim for its pioneering steel-frame structure and stunning interior and exterior appearance.

Frank Woolworth reserved the entire 24th floor as his office. His private office was referred to as “The Empire Room”, and it was decorated in the Renaissance period.  A carved stone Italian Renaissance mantelpiece filled the height of the room at one end. The walls were executed in various colors of marble.  

The woodwork consists of exquisite mahogany. However the entrance door to the office was metal, painted to resemble the surrounding wood surfaces. Since the building was designated a New York City landmark in April 1983, and the  faux bois finish had to be preserved, YVStudio redid that door in faux mahogany.

The previous paint job was removed, and a metal primer was applied, followed by two base coats. Subsequent layers of graining were finished off with a satin varnish. The door now leads to the offices of award winning design firm Tobin Parnes.

Milk Paint Walls

Gorgeous velvety milk paint in a Tavern Green color was applied on the walls of a NYC loft.  A polished beeswax finish was added for water protection. 

Milk paint is gaining a wider usage because it contains only ingredients that are all-natural and will not harm the environment. It can give the look of Colonial America, with many historic-based colors, but is also completely biodegradable, with no VOCS, HAPs or EPA-exempt solvents added.


Up close the walls resemble a fresco, with soft brush strokes, due to the milk paint’s unique properties.

Over time the lime ingredient hardens the surface to an almost stone-like toughness.

According to “The oldest painted surfaces on earth were colored with a form of milk paint. Cave drawings and paintings made 8,000 years ago, even as old as 20,000 years ago, were made with a simple composition of milk, lime, and earth pigments. When King Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1924, artifacts including models of boats, people, and furniture found inside the burial chamber had been painted with milk paint.

In Colonial America, as earlier in Europe, itinerant painters roamed the countryside, carrying pigments with them, which could be mixed with a farmer’s or householder’s own milk and lime”.

Kitchen walls in cream milk paint; ceiling in Marmorino plaster

Shower wall



Other walls in this Upper West Side apartment received a cream colored milk paint; the baseboards were done in Oyster White. 





















Metal elements were used for wall demarcations.

A clever use of dark metal grid cabinets hide thermostats, intercoms, etc.

The remainder of the walls were clad in homasote, a cellulose based fiber wall board, which is similar in composition to papier-mâché. Primarily used as a sound barrier, the boards in this apartment were installed to function also as a decorative element. This creative use of materials was implemented by an award-winning designer.

Hamilton Theatre Event

The 4×8 Workshop hired YVStudio to do decorative painting at the historic Hamilton Theatre in Harlem, NYC.  

Production designer Jonathon Beck created an event for APPARATUS, a New York based design studio for lighting, furniture and objects.

9 x 9 Ft. wall, matching the backdrop wall.

YVStudio painted a wall section, to match the surrounding walls, that would function as a hidden door. Halfway during the event the door opens to reveal a hidden room.

Before the event. Photo credit Jonathon Beck.

Photo credit 4×8 Workshop




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