Mikvah Mural Magic

The Chelsea Community Mikvah, "A Spa For The Soul", had a stunning spa interior, but the staircase leading to the lower level was plain white and boring. First I applied plaster with a special trowel from Marmorino Products. I created a surface texture reminiscent of a wave.             That wall … Continue reading Mikvah Mural Magic

Macy’s Holiday Window 2016

YVStudio was hired by A Standard Transmission, a scenic shop in Red Hook, which creates all of Macy's special window displays, to apply gold leaf to a massive reindeer head and antlers. The original concept apparently asked for a crystal deer head, but at some point this was changed to a gilded version. Standard Transmission's … Continue reading Macy’s Holiday Window 2016

When even the elevators are works of art

In a midtown New York art deco building YVStudio restored the ceiling of one of the elevators.  The building itself is a stunning example of art deco at its best, and its elevators are no exception. The magnificent inlaid wood walls and lighting fixtures are crowned by a sliver dome. After recent damage was inflicted, I … Continue reading When even the elevators are works of art

Medallions on Park Avenue

Earlier this Summer I was invited to do a decorative painting project at an Upper East Side Park Avenue residential lobby. The client asked me to work on 2 items. First I created a faux metal black decorative grille to match an existing iron grille above the entrance door. The lobby is quite large, and the second half … Continue reading Medallions on Park Avenue

Victoria’s Secret brick wall with logos

During a NYC heatwave, on a 95 degree day, I painted a backdrop for Victoria's Secret. Who said the fashion world is glamorous? The temperature inside the set shop where I was painting was literally as high as it was outside. My first step in this project was painting and "aging" the brick wall. The … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret brick wall with logos

My painting in the NY Social Diary

About once a month a designer is featured in the Decorator Series in the New York Social Diary. The July 2016 issue profiles Rod Winterrowd, a California-born, New York-based designer, whose clients are so private that he never discusses them on the internet.  I have had the pleasure of doing various painting assignments for Rod. For … Continue reading My painting in the NY Social Diary

Art Deco Gold Leaf Ceiling

As part of a six year building renovation plan I redid a 2,000 sq ft. art deco lobby ceiling in a gold leaf type finish. The previous gilding job had been executed improperly. I was selected by Accord Contracting to correct this matter, and to apply a completely new layer of leaf. This 26-story building in New York's … Continue reading Art Deco Gold Leaf Ceiling

Linda Horn’s Arches Murals

Several years ago I painted two large trompe l'oeil "arches" murals for Linda Horn Antiques at her new location in Carnegie Hill, on Madison Avenue and 93rd Street. She recently redesigned her store, and wrote "the murals still look fabulous". I designed these wall works to complement the store's Moroccan arches with pilasters in river-washed stone. … Continue reading Linda Horn’s Arches Murals

The Pierre Hotel’s Restaurant

The Pierre Hotel in New York, one of the world's premier luxury destinations, is about to open a new restaurant this week, Perrine. Its previous decor designed by Adam D. Tihany is mainly left intact.  I worked for Pompeii Studios on its lime-stone inspired walls. Alise Loebelsohn and I repainted some sections and created new … Continue reading The Pierre Hotel’s Restaurant