Flatiron District Make-over

Once featured in Interior Design Magazine, this loft space was conceived to be both functional and flexible, providing privacy and separation when working remotely.  Innovative architectural design, fine finishes and creative details make up this special space.

YVStudio provided a painting make-over, repairing chipped and cracked surfaces and repainting several areas.

After photos

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Painting Restoration at the former Jarmulowsky Bank Building

Faux painting at this downtown Manhattan’s landmark building, soon to be a boutique hotel. (30 secs video)

YVstudio is painting the newly restored plaster ceiling finishes to match the surrounding areas.

On the walls we are applying several transparent color layers of lime-based glaze to “distress” new walls in order to blend them in with the existing stone walls.

In addition we are putting a lime wash on some of the new moldings.

YVStudio’s Press Fall 2020

Yvonne’s mural collaboration with colleague Siona Benjamin at the MC Hotel in Montclair, NJ was mentioned in two publications.

Montclair Magazine featured the project in their fine art section in their Holidays 2020 issue. The photo on the left shows the two artists Yvonne Verwer and Siona Benjamin underneath their sky mural in the hotel’s rotunda.

Online article: page 22-24. Print article: page 20-22.

The project was initiated by architect David Ashen of DASH Design, and guided by Brian Stolar, the hotel’s owner.

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NYC Hotel Lounge Ceiling

Manhattan’s Lower East Side will next year be home to a unique, boutique hotel. This 12-story landmark building’s triple-height lounge features soaring ornamental plaster ceilings and large windows. The space retains its historic architecture, moldings, among other decorative elements.

YVStudio is creating paint samples for those majestic ceiling and crown molding sections that were recently restored. These white plaster areas will soon have the same gorgeous look as their original patina’d counterparts.

Before photos

The plaster restoration is done by ASR NY.

Montclair MC Hotel Mural

The newly-built MC Hotel in Montclair, NJ, received an artistic addition this week.

Local artist Siona Benjamin had invited me to collaborate on a mural for the hotel’s three-story rotunda ceiling.

Installation of the mural required two installers with scissor lifts.

We created a 20′ diameter sky mural with a border motif.

The sky and the border were painted separately on a small scale, which were expertly scanned and merged by Lizza Studios. Signarama printed the image on a rigid exterior material called Dibond, the same stuff road signs are made of.

The panels were installed around the ceiling’s sprinkler system.

MC Hotel prides itself on being at the intersection of culture and community. Part gallery, part gathering place, the Hotel is in the heart of Montclair’s thriving artistic community.

Many thanks to architect David Ashen of DASH-Design!

Click on the photos to enlarge:

Small Job – Big View

Today I did my smallest job ever: faux marble painting a repaired patch on credenza top to match the existing finish.

The scope of work may have been modest, but the view from the window was GRAND!

The 41st floor on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street shows the Plaza Hotel, Central Park and in the distance the Upper West Side, Harlem and even the shores of New Jersey.

The table top came out beautiful; my faux painting was a perfect match in color and texture. I forgot to take before and after pics, but the work set-up is below:

I love New York!

Victoria Balcony Ceiling Restoration

Work in progress: I started painting the recently restored ornamental plaster ceiling at the former Victoria Theater, dating back to 1917.

The plaster ceilings were restored by ASR and I started painting one section at a time. To match the original color scheme the entire surface is basecoated medium brown, on top of which the decorative elements are painted.

The theater itself was demolished to make place for the 27 story Renaissance at Marriott hotel and a residential tower, located next to the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC. The historic facade and lobby are being restored and will be incorporated.

The project will include retail space, an arts center, and several arts organizations, such as two black-box theaters to be managed by the Apollo Theater Foundation. The building represents a significant part of Harlem’s history and architectural heritage.

Grey Glaze Walls

At a traditional Park Avenue apartment in NYC I executed a classic grey glazing technique in the dining room. The walls received a stippling gaze and the woodwork a soft striae.

The previous look was dark green, and a bit dated. The new grey finish still works very well with the dark antique furniture, but it gives the room a more contemporary feeling.

To get this particular result I made a record amount of color samples, ranging from all kinds techniques to many shades of grey, to variations in green and even eggplant. The client is a creative herself and has a very discerning eye.  


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