Macy’s Holiday Window 2016

YVStudio was hired by A Standard Transmission, a scenic shop in Red Hook, which creates all of Macy’s special window displays, to apply gold leaf to a massive reindeer head and antlers.

Concept sketch

The original concept apparently asked for a crystal deer head, but at some point this was changed to a gilded version.

Standard Transmission’s sculptors fabricated the huge antlers and head. Their prop department made the elves and presents, while the animatronics engineer created the elves’ movements.

YVStudio spent a week gilding and sealing the fauna.

The end result:

Macy’s “Giving” Window at Herald Square
Animatronics engineer Eric Humphreys is programming the elves' choreography.
Animatronics engineer Eric Humphreys is programming the elves’ choreography.

Antlers in progress Antlers in progress

Animatronic machinery on the back of the antlers
Deer head before
Dear head gilded
Dear head gilded