Mural Commissions

YVStudio and Siona Benjamin offer designs for murals, floors and ceilings.

These commissions were created on smaller-scale canvases before the design was scanned and printed on a large format. This greatly reduces the cost of mural painting.

Montclair Hotel Commission 2020

“Sky” Rotunda Mural
Artists in collaboration: Siona Benjamin and Yvonne Verwer
Size: 18 feet diameter
Material: Dibond

Rotunda Sky Mural
Rotunda Sky Mural – Yvonne Verwer & Siona Benjamin


The sky design was painted on an 18 inch circular canvas. The painted border design was added digitally.
The final circular image (below left) was scanned and printed on canvas in actual size.
After quality and color approval the design was printed on Dibond, a rigid, durable aluminum composite material. Dibond printing provides richly saturated images with waterproof UV resistant inks that remain impervious to all environments both indoors and outdoors.


The Dibond panels were installed by a local crew on two scissor lifts; the panels were attached to the ceiling with hidden screws.

“Sunrise” mural on outer wall of Montclair Hotel

Artist: Siona Benjamin
Size: 22 feet x 6 feet
Material: Dibond
Siona Benjamin

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