The Pierre Hotel’s Restaurant

The Pierre Hotel in New York, one of the world’s premier luxury destinations, is about to open a new restaurant this week, Perrine. Its previous decor designed by Adam D. Tihany is mainly left intact. 


I worked for Pompeii Studios on its lime-stone inspired walls. Alise Loebelsohn and I repainted some sections and created new ones. 

Lime-stone inspired wall painting


The hotel’s color palettes are echoed in the restaurant’s setting: soft neutrals in pale ivory and taupe are contrasted with rich woods.





The Pierre, the iconic U.S. flagship of Taj Hotels on New York’s Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park re-opened in 2010 following a $100 million renovation.

Possessing a fabled Central Park location and legendary history, The Pierre continues to set the standard for elegance and unrivalled hospitality. When Charles Pierre opened the hotel in 1930 he wanted a place that was elegant and discreet. There already was the Plaza, with its over-the-top Beaux Arts exuberance. And the Waldorf-Astoria, in its Art Deco glory. The Pierre was to be different: an understated grande dame. It still is.



Published by Yvonne Verwer

Yvonne Verwer at YVStudio LLC has done high-quality decorative and murals and decorative finishes for over 20 years in many of New York's finest homes and businesses. Her work has been shown at The French Designer Show House, and The Hudson River Show House. She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Avenue Magazine, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

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