Art Deco Gold Leaf Ceiling

As part of a six year building renovation plan I redid a 2,000 sq ft. art deco lobby ceiling in a gold leaf type finish. The previous gilding job had been executed improperly. I was selected by Accord Contracting to correct this matter, and to apply a completely new layer of leaf.


This 26-story building in New York’s NoMad (Midtown South) neighborhood was constructed in 1928 by renowned architect Ely Jacques Kahn and is a designated New York City landmark. 


A masterwork of Kahn, here working with the firm of Buchman and Kahn in his fully developed Art Deco style, the building brings a burst of terra cotta polychrome to the district. On the facade the red, blue and gold-beige ornament suggests patterns of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

The amazing lobby is intact and landmark-worthy in its own right, to be compared with Kahn’s work at the Film Center Building on Ninth Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets (a designated New York City Interior Landmark).


Published by Yvonne Verwer

Yvonne Verwer at YVStudio LLC has done high-quality decorative and murals and decorative finishes for over 20 years in many of New York's finest homes and businesses. Her work has been shown at The French Designer Show House, and The Hudson River Show House. She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Avenue Magazine, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

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